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Upgrade your technical interview process with our library of real-world programming scenarios.

Streamline the Technical Interview

We believe that technical interviews should reflect daily activities — instead of rote memorization. We're building a library of real-world programming scenarios to own your interview process and find your next technical hire.

No Leetcode

Leetcode has its place, but not in the hiring process. We focus on real-world skills.

Language Agnostic Scenarios

A bring your own language approach to scenarios. Choose what's best for your team.

Own your Process

We're not technical sourcers, we don't do interviews. We provide the scenarios and you do the rest.

All Aspects of the Interview

We cover all the bases of the technical interview. Programming, system design, debugging, and more.

Helpful Guides and Rubrics

We give everything needed to evaluate a candidate for a scenario. No more guessing, no more bias.

Pay Once, Use Forever

One simple payment, free updates for life. No subscriptions, no fragmented content, no nonsense.

We also provide a blog and other resources on interview best practices to help you find your next hire and build an interview process that works for your team.

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Get full access to our library with one payment. No hidden fees or re-ups.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you a sourcing company?

No. We do not source candidates nor do we perform interviews. We just sell a set of tools companies can use to improve their technical interviews. You are free to use our scenarios to outsource your interviews however.

Why make these scenarios?

We've founded a few companies and found it challenging to find extraordinary engineers, especially founding ones, using traditionally accepted technical interview methods. We created a bank of technical scenarios to apply real world skills and decided to sell it.

Why should my company perform the technical interviews in-house?

From our experience, we found that engineers that are able to pair and solve problems together are the most successful. We recommend engineers interview other engineers to evaluate technical skills and engineering cultural fit.

How often are new interview scenarios added?

We typically add a new scenario every week or so. We're also happy to take requests for specific scenarios. We don't have a particular schedule for when and what types of interviews are added though.